Our Approach

Whether we are helping you implement something new or maintaining what you have, we connect the dots between the network, the cloud, and security to realize your vision.

Our proven 2AIM methodology helps us identify the most critical success factors and risks in any initiative, so we avoid dead ends, and focus on what matters.


As the world marches quickly on to the next industrial revolution, technology advances continue to accelerate. Not working on Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning or Voice assistants for your business? You may already be falling behind.

In every business sector your IT Team should be constantly evaluating the technologies that could help you catch up, keep up or get ahead. Because in the blink of an eye, tomorrow’s promising new technology, is yesteryear’s thorn in your side.


Whether you’re expanding your network, doubling down on cloud services, overhauling your application security or introducing something completely new – we realize there’s a lot on the line.

Everything needs to fit into an ever-evolving security framework, while handling new requirements of their own. Our solution architects will help you design it right, so you meet all your specific demands, while also maintaining scalability and agility.


A well-designed plan is important, and a well-executed implementation even more so. Whatever the scope of your project, our project leaders, engineers and technology partners will execute and deliver to the highest standard.

We can augment your internal team or take the reins completely. We always provide stakeholders regular status updates throughout the implementation, and hand over detailed documentation that everyone understands, at its conclusion.


Information technology needs continuous tuning and oversight – especially as your infrastructure scales and supports additional business units or expands across locations.

MOHSO is a partner you can rely on. We use an array of remote monitoring and management tools to continuously watch every aspect of your infrastructure, cloud and security, so we can jump into action and resolve issues fast, before users are affected.

Want to outsource IT to save money and stop wasting scarce resources?